Sticker #19: Artist - Judith Loske

Judith Loske is a freelance illustrator from Germany. After graduating in 2010 she specialised in children's book and designs for nursery. She uses a combination of traditional media - like gouache, pencils and collage - with the benefits of digital media to create her art. Often her two cats are watching her while she is painting in her little studio. If she is not making art she loves to read, crochet and cultivate her succulents. Visit her online on Instagram  or on her website.

Sticker #16 - Artist: Matou en Peluche

Artist Bio:

Matou en Peluche is principally myself, Sam Battersby: chief artist, illustrator, and drawing machine! 

I have been enthusiastically drawing and making things since before I can remember.

Over the years I've written and cartooned for a number of magazines such as Mad Magazine, IF magazine and Eddie Magazine and illustrated articles for magazines, newspapers and children's books. I have also had exhibitions of my drawings and paintings and I have also been known to do a bit of performance art…

Sticker #15 - Artist: Jamie Shelman

Jamie is an artist who currently creates from her studio in Baltimore, MD. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she is the owner and artist behind The Dancing Cat, an online shop featuring her whimsical and unique cat designs. When she's not drawing and painting, she's squeezing the neighborhood cats and eating waffles. She loves sitting out in the sun with the neighbor's cat waiting for the next meal... Visit Jamie's shop, The Dancing Cat or check out her Instagram.

Sticker #12 - Artist: Rachel Katstaller

Rachel is an illustrator from tiny tropical El Salvador who recently relocated to the Alps with her cat Hemingway. Whenever she finds time she loves to travel, doodle in her sketchbook or check off another book from her 7 year waiting list. Hemingway enjoys chewing off book corners and remains skeptical about the cold European weather and the distinct lack of palm trees to climb. Find Rachel online here:

Sticker #11 - Artist: Cortney Elizabeth

Cortney Elizabeth is an autistic artist based in the little town of Perry, Ohio.

She's never been able to whistle, cries a little bit every single time she sees a dog, is a little bit too obsessed with Tracy Chapman, and spends most of her days battling with chronic illness.

Cortney hopes to draw attention to the marginalization of disabled women through her art and writing, and befriend a few dogs along the way.

You can find her and her art on Instagram.

Sticker #8 - Artist: Megan Lynn Kott

Megan Lynn Kott has been working for nearly a decade as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. She paints watercolor cats, cute animals, sad animals, more cats, redheads, weird animals, flowers, and did I mention cats? Currently, she works with a variety of clients such as Chronicle Books, Maximum Fun, and Tea Collection. In addition to being an artist, she is a lifelong cat lover - her first word was "kitty." All work is created in Detroit, MI under the supervision of a tiny Griffin she calls "cat."  For more cat stuff visit her at:

Sticker #2 & Sticker #7 - Artist: Natelle Quek

Natelle is a misfit who loves to draw, craft, collect succulents, and cuddle cats. She is currently based in Gainesville, Florida, and spends her free time either crafting for her Etsy shop, going on hikes, visiting animal shelters, or eating lots of cakes and pastries. Natelle hopes to spread just a little bit of extra happiness, fun, and laughter with her handmade crafts. Find Natelle on Instagram, Facebook , and Twitter.