Sticker #30 - Artist: Kate Mitchell


Kate Mitchell is a printmaker from Greensboro, North Carolina. Kate has muscular dystrophy and a cat named Frida Kahlico. She graduated from Guilford College in 2017 and specializes in highly detailed color linocuts. In her free time, Kate enjoys reading, befriending crows, collecting miniature food, and spicing up a conversation by saying “look at them peepers” when referring to someone’s eyes. Kate was never born, she was simply summoned into existence by a pastry chef that got carried away with ingredients. You can check out Kate’s art at, follow her on Instagram at @katemitchellprints and also follow her cat at @frida.kahlico

Sticker #28 - Artist: Geneviève Darling

Lovestruck Prints is owned and operated by a queer woman in Montreal and came to life in 2015.

About my work:

I explore personal accounts of femme aesthetics focused on lesbian representation and womanhood through illustration. More specifically, the driving topics for my illustrations are softness, connectedness and the reclamation of space. I create images of tenderness that are meant to be relatable, comforting and validating.

I believe queer representation can make a difference, my illustrations are intended to challenge heteronormativity by making us queer femmes more visible and relatable. 

My work is rooted in feminist values and includes images of strong femme folks who inspire me to be authentic. Also lots of cute animals and flowers <3

Geneviève Darling xo


Sticker #27 - Artist: Jenn Hill

jenn hill.jpg

Jenn Hill is a crafter and designer who lives in Portland, OR with her wife, two sweet kitties and a flock of silly chickens. Jenn has been operating her little shop Chet and Dot on Etsy for over 10 years. She makes things out of needle felted wool, fabric, and yarn. She can most often be found at home,  in her food forest with her kitties Orson and Roosevelt. 

Sticker #26 - Artist: Anthony Guerra

From Anthony: "I'm an illustrator and animator. I have a weakness for cookies and cute cats. When my face is not 5 inches from a computer screen and a Wacom pen in my hand, you can find me reading a book, playing with my cats, or listening to music louder than I should be. I graduated from New Mexico State Universtiy with BA in animation and visual effects, You can find my weird illustrations on Instagram."

profile pic.JPG

Sticker #25 - Artist: Alma Sheppard-Matsuo


Alma Sheppard-Matsuo is a queer hāfu artist - illustrator, printmaker and educator from Brooklyn NY.  They split their time as a freelance artist working for such organizations as the People's Climate Movement, Bread & Puppet Theater and the War Resister's League.  As an educator, Alma has taught in a number of schools and creative arts education programs from NYC, to Minneapolis MN to Kolkata, India.  In the classroom, they use art to explore topics like living wage, gender expression and food deserts.  You can follow them on instagram or facebook or support their work on patreon.

Sticker #24 - Artist: Darcy


Darcy is the founder of riotcakes, a business created to validate and empower with feminist & LGBTQ* accessories and stationary. If rainbows and cute designs are your thing, you might also like riotcakes! Darcy is a queer cat-loving nerd trying their best to spread positivity to fight back against oppressive systems. If you'd like to know more, check out or follow Darcy on social media @riotcakes!

Sticker #23 - Artist: Nicole Guerra


Nicole is a notorious overthinker, extreme early bird and will easily cry at the sight of a cute cat. Creativity in many forms caught her interest from a young age and has only grown and developed as she’s gotten older. She graduated from New Mexico State University with a BFA in Graphic Design and currently works at a design firm in Santa Fe, NM. If she’s not designing or making something, you’ll find her binge listening to podcasts or adoring her two cats Hazel and Scout. You can find photos of her illustration work and aforementioned adorable cats on her Instagram or check out her Etsy shop Great Small Things

Sticker #19: Artist - Judith Loske

Judith Loske is a freelance illustrator from Germany. After graduating in 2010 she specialised in children's book and designs for nursery. She uses a combination of traditional media - like gouache, pencils and collage - with the benefits of digital media to create her art. Often her two cats are watching her while she is painting in her little studio. If she is not making art she loves to read, crochet and cultivate her succulents. Visit her online on Instagram  or on her website.